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Hotelová recepcia

Hotel Management Software

Professional and the best price available hotel system for hotels and pensions. Hotel software created by professionals.



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Easy to use

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complete system online to have the necessary data always available


Real practice solutions


we prefer simplicity and come with innovations


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 8 Eur/month 

Use the hotel's reception for the best price,  no hidden fees and commissions  standard subscription no matter how many rooms/beds you have.

Availability 24 hours worldwide

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System functions

Hotel reception is complex and real hotel system for the accommodation providers with many features.


Reservation charts


Immediate overview of individual bookings and occupancy of the property in interactive reservations overview.


Guest book


Paperless evidence of accommodated guests. All data are collected and displayed at one place with the option of quick edit or export.


Hotel account


Accommodation bills as per set price list, additional services, items with the option to edit the price and export the invoice.

Multiple accommodation facilities under one account
Every receptionist with individual system access

Your data is safe ! 

Regular back up of data and secure by 256-bit SSL coding. 

System functions

Hotel reception is complex and real hotel system for the accommodation providers with many features.

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Daily overview


Arrivals and departures of guests, cleaning status of rooms, or a summary of ordered meals in one place.




Connect business name to your reservation to get an overview of sales and bookings from individual businesses, portals.




Graphic reviews of occupancy as per various filters and export of guest data and reservations.

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Connection to other systems

Check out the list of partners our hotel reception team cooperates

and is linked to. 


Hotel Chanel Manager - BOOKING.COM

Direct communication with the portal without the need to connect with an external channel manager. The hotel reception automatically updates reservations and bookings from and transfers them to the system along with all the data. The one-time fee for installation of the connection is 119 Euros VAT incl.

€ 15 / month

Per month / VAT incl.


Export of rooms occupancy on the site

Save time and export the occupancy of rooms and facilities to your website. Just insert a short code on the page, and our system will take care of the rest.

Show occupancy export >


Regional discount tourist cards

If you issue regional cards in a system from Cardberg, s.r.o. benefit from our connection and save a lot of time. To create a link, you have to enter your login and password into the regional system.


Connections to the document readers -

A document reader is a hardware device that allows you to automatically retrieve identification data from ID cards, passports, visas, and other ID cards into a form in a guest book.

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Price of the license

No payment for beds or rooms. Our price is fixed, and we are the most advantageous hotel system offering professional solutions functions at a minimum cost.

6 months licence


Per month / VAT incl.

12 months licence

Per month / VAT incl.

24 months licence

 + 30 DAYS FREE 

Per month / VAT incl.



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Still not completely sure?

Try Hotel Reception for 15 days for free, no obligations.

No need to provide your credit card details.


12. február 2019




 Bešeňová / LIPTOV 

 “ I have been working with the Cardberg hotel reception for 5 years, and I am delighted. It is clear, simple and everything that has been needed by me, my accountant or the statistical office was tailor made.

Cooperation is extra fast, and without problems, the team communicates and deal with things promptly, help in everything and meet every requirement. I still like to work with them very much.

And nowadays, this fast problem solving and requirement solution is a very positive feature for me when choosing a partner. That's why I recommend Cardberg. ”


Maggie Beno Frackowiak


04. apríl 2019

Chalet Jasná Apartmány Bor


 Jasná / LIPTOV 

“ We have found the Hotel Reception project more or less by accident after we decided it was not reasonable to develop something that was already on the market.


From the wide range of similar products, we chose the Hotel Reception, which best suited our needs, contains everything we need, is understandable to be used without long training and does not overwhelm us with something we could not use.


We work with it for three years now, and one of the things we find very useful is a very effective response to our - most essential requirements resulting, for example, from changing legislation but also from practical use. I highly recommend it. ”

foto_1 – 1.png

Kazimír Hunčík


22. máj 2019

Garni Hotel



 Terchová ORAVA 

“ We have been using the Hotel reception for several years, and we are very satisfied with it for many years already.


The pros of this system are that it is simple and intuitive even for less technically skilled people.


What I highly appreciate lately is an overview of the statistics, the hotel bill and the opportunity to print a confirmation (the voucher, as the clients are asking for the refund of the vouchers


I hope that I will be able to use the other conveniences within the hotel reception features in the future).


Last but not least, I also want to stress out the communication with the representatives of this portal. ”   


foto_1 – 3.png



Apartmány Magdaléna

 Bešeňová / LIPTOV 



 Hradec Králové 


Hostel BARNO

 Košice / ABOV 

Any other questions? 


Contact us at  for further assistance.

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